Acronyms list
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  • LBNP
    Lower Body Negative Pressure

    The Lower Body Negative Pressure device (LBNP) is a countermeasure used by astronauts to fight loss of cardiovascular function. Used daily in orbit, this mechanical device works by lowering atmospheric pressure in the lower half of the body. In so doing, it shifts liquids (blood and lymph) from the thorax to the lower body and traps them in the legs.
    Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales (France)
  • LEO
    Low Earth Orbit
  • LETI
    Laboratoire d’électronique et de technologies de l’information (CEA)
  • LGGE
    Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Environnement