September 12, 2014

Technical Expertise Center

The IASI Technical Expertise Centre (TEC), settled and operated at CNES Toulouse, will support 7 main functions during operational phase:

  • monitoring of IASI system performance, which will be a routine activity based on the regular processing of a set of parameters collected within the whole system,
  • management of the parameters of system algorithmy, including their modification when required for maintaining the performances,
  • generation of complement any level 1 products (spectral database, noise covariance matrix),
  • management of the instrument changes of mode required for maintaining the performance (decontamination, external calibration,...),
  • trouble-shooting in case of an anomaly related to the system performance,
  • maintenance of all on-board and ground software,
  • support to EUMETSAT in case of an instrument hardware anomaly.

During the 6 months of IASI commissioning phase, the TEC will, in addition, operate a copy of Operational Software and process a subset of scientific data, for monitoring activities specific to this phase.