September 12, 2014

Presentations given during the 3rd conference and Posters

From Febraury 4 to 8, 2013 in Hyères, France

Presentations and  Posters

IASI instruments and ground-segment status

The EPS/MetOp System with two satellites in orbitCohen Marc, Eumetsat
Status of IASI instruments onboard MetOp-A and MetOp-BBuffet Laurence, CNES
IASI on MetOp-B Status after 3 months of L1 Cal/ValPequignot Eric, CNES
IASI spectral calibration monitoring on MetOp-A and MetOp-BJacquette Elsa, CNES
IASI on MetOp-B radiometric calibrationLonjou Vincent, CNES
IASI MetOp-B radiometric noise and interpixel radiometryChinaud Jordi, CNES
IASI L2 processor at EUMETSAT: status and perspectivesAugust Thomas, Eumetsat

Intercalibration of IR sounders

Radiometric inter-comparison of IASI: IASI-A/IASI-B, IASI/AIRS IASI/CrISJouglet Denis, CNES
Validation of Level1c IASI data: an interactive intercalibration and stand-alone approaches for IASI on board MetOp-A and MetOp-BScott Noëlle, LMD
Inter-Comparison of NPP CrIS with MetOp-A IASIWang Likun, CICS/ESSIC

Numerical weather prediction

IASI in global and mesoscale operational NWP systemsGuidard Vincent, Météo-France
Performance of IASI T and q retrievals from simulated spectra for PC-compressed data and 4D-Var channel selection. Plus MetOp-B IASIFiona Smith, Met Office
Impact of IASI water vapour channels in the French NWP modelsNadia Fourrié, Météo-France
Assisted cloud detection based on AVHRR clusters in IASI FOVEresmaa Reima, ECMWF
Evaluation of new IASI channel selections to improve the assimilation of cloud-affected radiances by the retrieval of cloud microphysical variablesRabier Florence, Météo-France
The direct assimilation of principal components of IASI spectra in the ECMWF 4D-VarMatricardi Marco, ECMWF
Accounting for correlated observation error in the assimilation of IASI observationsWeston Peter, Met Office
    IASI technical expertise centreChinaud J.
      IASI L1 radiance monitoring and comparison with HIRS, for MetOp-A and MetOp-BCoppens D.
        IASI on MetOp-B geometric calibrationGaugain S.
          Capabilities of the Havemann-Taylor Fast Radiative Transfer Code (HT-FRTC): hyperspectral radiance simulations and atmosphere and surface retrievalsHavemann S.
            4AOP : A fast and accurate operational forward radiative transfer modelArmante R.
              Intercalibration of IASI with AIRS and CrISStrow L.
                Determination of cloud flags on water vapour -sensitive channelsEresmaa R.
                  Tropospheric ozone measurements with IASI/MetOp-A using a new self-adapting Tikhonov-Phillips altitude-dependent regularizationEremenko M.

                  Radiative transfer and spectroscopy

                  New analysis of the v3 & v4 bands of HNO3 by high resolution Fourier transform spectroscopy in the 7.6 µm regionPerrin Agnès, LISA
                  A tool for IASI hyperspectral remote sensing applications : The GEISA/IASI database in its latest editionJacquinet Nicole, LMD

                  Clouds and aerosols

                  The novel tool of cumulative discriminant analysis applied to IASI cloud detectionMasiello Guido, SI/UNIBAS
                  Optimal spectral channel selection for cloud retrieval from IASI data using advanced machine learning techniquesKaifel Anton
                  Cloud properties & bulk microphysical properties of semi-transparent cirrus from AIRS & IASIStubenrauch Claudia, LMD
                  Eigenvector-based retrieval scheme for mineral dust and volcanic ash from IASIKlüser Lars, DLR
                  A new strategy for the retrieval of vertical profiles of desert dust concentration using IASI measurementsVandenbussche Sophie, BISA
                  A unified method for aerosol detection and type speciationLieven Clarisse, ULB
                  Characterization of dust aerosols in the infrared from IASI and comparison with PARASOL, MODIS, MISR, CALIOP, and AERONET observationsCapelle Virginie, LMD
                    Towards the use of cloud microphysical properties to simulate IASI spectra in an operational contextLavanant L.
                      Method to generate a reference cloud mask for MTG-IRSLavanant L.
                        Concurrent cloud detection methods, assessment and impact on the yield and quality of atmospheric parameters retrieved with IASICrapeau M.
                          A new ice cloud optical properties database in RTTOV for IASIVidot J.
                            IASI, IASI-NG and TANSO-FTS capabilities to retrieve gas and aerosolsHerbin H.
                              Detection of clouds and aerosols over land and sea by day and night from hyperspectral observations in the thermal infraredCrevoisier C.
                                Quantitative analysis of relationships between mineral dust and deep convection over land with IASIKlüser Lars, DLR
                                  Semi-arid land surface temperature & IASI calibration experiment (SALSTICE)Newman S.
                                    IASI retrievals over Concordia within the framework of the Concordiasi program in AntarcticaVincensini A.

                                    Atmospheric composition

                                    Tropospheric ozone and nitrogen dioxide measurements in urban and rural regions as seen by IASI and GOME-2Safieddine Sarah, ULB
                                    Monitoring the spatial distribution and the evolution of tropospheric ozone in Eastern Asia with IASIDufour Gaëlle, LISA
                                    Ozone transport from Africa to South Asia: IASI observations and Meso-NH simulationsTocquer Flore, LA
                                      Observation of CO from IASI and MOPITT over megacitiesPommier M.
                                        A neural network approach to discriminate NH3 emissions from biomass burning and agricultureNgadi Y.
                                          Probing terpenoid chemistry from space using IASI measurementsMüller J.-F.
                                            Remote sensing of atmospheric boundary layer composition using IASI observationsBauduin S.
                                              Multispectral retrieval of lowermost tropospheric ozone combining IASI and GOME-2 satellite observationsCuesta J.
                                                Near-real time processing of IASI radiances to measure COHadji-Lazaro J.
                                                  Ozone pollution : What do we see from space? A case studyForet G.
                                                    Tropospheric CO variability from AIRS and IASI under cloudy conditions using US productsWarner J.
                                                    NCAR IASI studies in support of local air quality characterizationEdwards David, NCAR
                                                    Monitoring of atmospheric composition with IASI and MOPITT: CO distributions and variabilityGeorge Maya, LATMOS
                                                    Using IASI and MIPAS in combination to characterise CO and other volatile organic compound emissions from firesMoore David, Univ. Leicester
                                                    Understanding the contribution from fires on atmospheric composition over the Euro-Mediterranean regionTurquety Solène, LMD
                                                    Monitoring emission, chemistry and transport of vegetation fires from IASIR'Honi Yasmina, ULB
                                                    IASI/METOP retrievals within the project MUSICASchneider Matthias, IMK
                                                    HDO/H216O observations from IASI to investigate hidden humidity tropospheric processesLacour Jean-Lionel, ULB
                                                      Seasonal pattern and variation of CH4 retrieved from 5 complete years of IASI L1C radiancesOudot C.
                                                        Contribution of MetOp-A/IASI to the study of essential climate variablesCrevoisier C.
                                                          Assessment of IASI l and surface temperature using ground-based measurementTheodore B.
                                                            Validation of IASI level 2 atmospheric trace gas products using ground-based Fourier transform spectrometers: projects VALIASI and NOVIAGarcia O.E.
                                                              Using ground-based GPS from SuomiNet and NWP reanalysis for regional validation in Europe and North America of PWV from IASI, AIRS, and CrIS for detecting extreme weather events and climate changeRoman J.
                                                                Evaluation of the impact of a IASI-NG-type observing system for tropospheric ozone analyses and forecastsDauphin P.
                                                                  Analysis of Suomi NPP Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS). Onboard digital filtering and decimationTaylor J.
                                                                  Oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs) first detected from IASI: understanding the sourcesStavrakou Jenny, BISA
                                                                  Near-real-time measurements of acetylene (C2H2) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) from IASI: method, validation, global distribution and comparison with modelDuflot Valentin, ULB
                                                                  Remote sensing of high altitude volcanic SO2 and ash with IASIClerbeaux Cathy, LATMOS
                                                                  Inverting for high temporal resolution SO2 flux using satellite imagery and chemistry-transport modelling: application to the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruptionBoichu Marie, LMD


                                                                  Building of a climatology of IASI radiance spectra. First results at global and regional scalePhulpin Thierry, CNES
                                                                  Hyperspectral radiance PDFs for climate trendingStrow Larrabee, UMBC
                                                                  Recent evolution of mid-tropospheric CH4 in the tropics: 5 years from MetOp-A/IASICrevoisier Cyril, LMD

                                                                  Surface applications

                                                                  Intercomparisons of IASI and AATSR calibrated radiancesRemedios John, Univ. Leicester
                                                                  Infrared continental surface emissivity spectra and skin temperature retrieved from IASI observationCapelle Virginie, LMD
                                                                  Spatio-temporal constraints for emissivity and surface temperature retrieval: preliminary results and comparisons for SEVIRI and IASI observationDe Feis Italia, IAC
                                                                  Improvement of land surface emissivity and surface temperature estimates for the assimilation of IASI data over landVincensini Anaïs, Météo-France

                                                                  Retrieval techniques

                                                                  IASI retrievals in the intersection of the signal and forward model subspacesHultberg Tim, Eumetsat
                                                                  Atmospheric (clear-sky and cloudy) and surface retrievals in principal component space using the Havemann-Taylor fast radiative transfer code (HT-FRTC)Havemann Stephan, Met Office
                                                                  Analysis of AIRS/CrIS (and Metop-A/Metop-B) sounding pairsSmith William, Univ. Wisconsin
                                                                  Using GPS radio occultation in the validation of infrared soundings from IASI, AIRS, and CrISKnuteson Robert, Univ. Wisconsin
                                                                    IASI and GOSAT retrievals in the thermal infrared: case study for surface temperature comparisonsPayan S.

                                                                    Other IR sounders

                                                                    Geo-hyperspectral infrared imaging sounder: flash floods simulation and assimilation studyHuang Allen, Univ. Wisconsin
                                                                    Results of calibration/validation efforts for the Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) on Suomi-NPPTobin David, Univ. Wisconsin
                                                                    CrIS Assimilation at the Met OfficeSmith Andrew, Met Office
                                                                    Atmospheric and surface parameters retrieved with the IR sounder IRFS-2 data: numerical modelingUspensky Alexander, SCR Planeta


                                                                    The IASI-NG mission: scientific objectives and expected resultsCrevoisier Cyril, LMD
                                                                    IASI-NG status of development and preparatory activities by the mission teamThierry Phulpin, CNES
                                                                    On the expected added-value of a IASI-NG type observing system in lower tropospheric ozone monitoringSellitto Pasquale, LISA

                                                                    Executive summary Camy-Peyret Claude, IPSL