September 12, 2014

Presentations given during the conference and Posters

From November 13 to 16, 2007 in Anglet, France

Introduction to the Conference

Mission and Instrument

IASI: A Review of Instrument Performance and CharacterizationsDenis SIMEONI, Alcatel Space
IASI on MetOp-A - Level 1 Cal/Val DescriptionDenis BLUMSTEIN, CNES
IASI on MetOp-A - Radiometric and Spectral PreformancesBernard TOURNIER, Noveltis
IASI Level 2 product processing at EUMETSATPeter SCHLUESSEL, Eumetsat
Activities on IASI at CNES and projectsThierry PHULPIN, CNES
Synergetic Operational Earth observations with the EPS/Metop SystemDieter KLAES, Eumetsat
Geometric performances of IASIRoger FJORTOFT, CNES
System Performance Monitoring at IASI Technological Expertise Center (TEC)Inès GAUDEL, CNES
Expertise and data managed on IASI studies within Ether systemFrançoise GIROD, CNES


Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of IASI radiances to filter noise and generate retrievals.Mitch GOLDBERG presented by Chris BARNET,
Current Status of Lossless Compression of Ultraspectral Sounder and Hyperspectral Imager DataBorming HUANG presented by Allen HUANG,
Space Science and Engineering Center, Univ. of Wisconsin
Principle Component Analysis of IASI spectraDavid TOBIN, University of Wisconsin
The NOAA/NESDIS/STAR IASI Near Real-Time Product Processing and Distribution SystemWalter WOLF, NOAA
Pre-processing of IASI data for NWP using the AAPP software packageNigel ATKINSON, Met Office
Pre-processing of IASI data. About the use of the AAPP/OPS-LRS software for local processing and comparison with global IASI dataPascal BRUNEL, Météo France

NWP Assimilation and Monitoring

Monitoring and Assimilation of IASI Radiances at ECMWFAndrew COLLARD, ECMWF
IASI NRT monitoring at EUMETSAT and results from radiance monitoringLars FIEDLER, Eumetsat
Monitoring and assimilation of IASI data in Météo-France NWP systemVincent GUIDARD, Météo France
First results of IASI assimilation experiments at the Met OfficeFiona HILTON, Met Office
Comparison of IASI radiances with NWP models from four operational centresFiona HILTON, Met Office
First experience of the assimilation of the IASI data in the ALADIN LAM modelRoger RANDRIAMAMPIANINA, Nowegian meteorological institute

Clouds and Aerosols

Cloud detection methods in the IASI L2 PPFXavier CALBET, Eumetsat
Evaluation of summertime convection forecasts against IASI observationsJean-Pierre CHABOUREAU, Laboratoire d'Aérologie Université Paul Sabatier
Cloud Detection, Clearing and Property Retrieval using IASI and MAIA / AVHRR Cloud Mask and ClassificationAllen HUANG, CIMSS, University of Wisconsin
Observations of Dust with IASILarrabee STROW

Radiative Transfers and Spectroscopy

The GEISA/IASI Spectroscopic database: evaluation for IASI FLIGHT DATANicole JACQUINET, CNRS/LMD
An intercomparison of line-by-line models using different molecular databasesMarco MATRICARDI, DIFA, University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy
Radiative Transfer Models for IASI and/or SpectroscopyLarrabee STROW
Quantitative spectroscopy of formic acid and formaldehyde leading to high quality databases in the infrared spectral regionsAgnès PERRIN, Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques, CNRS

Validation Campaigns - Radiances

Validation of IASI level 1 and level 2 products using IASI-balloonClaude CAMY-PEYRET, CNRS/LPMAA
IASI Radiance Validation Analysis for JAIVEXAllen LARAR, NASA Langley Research center
Validation of IASI radiances from Joint Airborne IASI Validation Experiment (JAIVEx)Stuart NEWMAN, Met Office
Leicester studies of the quality of IASI spectra through infra-red radiative transfer simulationsJohn REMEDIOS, Univ. Leicester
NIST TXR Validation of Scanning HIS radiances and a UW-SSEC BlackbodyFred BEST, Space and engineer center Univ. Wisconsin
Spectral Radiances provide a new standard in absolute accuracy: Direct IASI radiance validation results from aircraftHenry E. REVERCOMB, Space Science and Engineering Center, Univ.of Wisconsin
Validation of IASI L1c Radiances using ECMWF Model Fields and Coincident RadiosondesLarrabee STROW

Temperature / Water Vapour Retrieval

Comparison of Land Surface Infrared Spectral Emissivity Derived from MetOP IASI and Aqua AIRSRobert KNUTESON, Space Science and Engineering Center, Univ. Wisconsin
Processing of IASI data at CMS for NWC applicationsLydie LAVANANT, Météo France
Single footprint sounding and cloud property retrievals from IASI radiances under all sky conditionsJun LI, CIMSS, University of Wisconsin
Atmospheric and Surface Property Retrievals from IASI and NAST-IXu LIU, NASA Langley Research center
Preliminary Results of phi-IASI radiative transfer and retrieval products evaluationCarmine SERIO presented by G. GRIECO, Univ. Basilica
1d-Var Retrieval of Temperature, Water Vapour and Spectrally Resolved Surface Emissivity Using Data from Joint Airborne IASI Validation ExperimentJonathan TAYLOR, Met Office
Validation of IASI temperature and humidity profiles from ship based radiosonde and multichannel microwave radiometer over the Atlantic OceanAndreas MACKE, IFM-GEOMAR
About the quality of water vapour profiles retrieved from ground-based FTIR measurementsM. SCHNEIDER
Joint Airborne IASI Validation Experiment - Use for Retrieval Technique DevelopmentW. SMITH, Hampton University, Hampton, US
Retrieval with IASIDan ZHOU, NASA Langley Research Center
Validation and documentation of IASI and companion Metop observations for climate research.Raymond ARMANTE, CNRS, LMD
An updated status on temperature, water vapor and ozone retrievals from IASI radiance measurements, using the NOAA Unique retrieval algorithmAntonia GAMBACORTA, Perot Systems

Trace Gas Retrieval and Chemistry

Observing trace gases from IASI radiancesChristopher BARNET, NOAA/IOSSPDT
Monitoring of atmospheric composition using the thermal infrared IASI/METOP sounderCathy CLERBAUX, Service d'Aéronomie/IPSL, CNRS
Midtropospheric CO2 Concentration Retrieval in the Tropical Zone from the MetOp IASI/AMSU ObservationsCyril CREVOISIER & N.A. SCOTT, Laboratoire de Météorolgie Dynamique
Measurements and modeling of IASI tropospheric ozoneAnne BOYNARD, Service d'Aéronomie/IPSL, CNRS
Tropospheric OZONE from IASI measurements in the Infrared using Altitude-Dependant TIKHONOV Regularization.Maxim EREMENKO, LISA-UMR
Processing system for analyzing IASI Level 1C data to retrieve trace gases concentrationsJuliette HADJI-LAZARO, Service d'Aéronomie/IPSL, CNRS
Tropospheric water vapour isotopologues (H216O, H218O and HDO) retrieved from IASI/METOP data.Hervé HERBIN, Université Libre de Bruxelles
CO retrievals from IASI: comparison with MOPITT/TERRAMathieu POMMIER, Service d'Aéronomie/IPSL, CNRS
Infrared Retrieval of SO2 using high spetral resolution satellite dataFred PRATA, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Assessment of methane using the IASI instrumentAriane RAZAVI, Université Libre de Bruxelles
IASI measurements of the HNO3 distributionsCatherine WESPES, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Potential of CO2 retrieval from IASIPascal PRUNET, Noveltis

Validation Campaigns - Products / Properties

Contribution to tropospheric studies using IASI dataMichel KRUGLANSKI, Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
The Concordiasi Project over Antarctica during IPYFlorence RABIER, Météo France

Agencies / Future Programs

SIFTI, a sounder based on a new instrument concept: static Fourier transform interferometryP.J. HEBERT, CNES
Post-EPS OverviewPeter SCHLUESSEL, Eumetsat
Status of GOSAT development and operation planKei SHIOMI, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Conclusion to the Conference