September 15, 2014

In-Flight Commissioning Synthesis

IASI In-Orbit functional Validation

Beginning of the in orbit functional validation October 24th   
Phase 1: Switch on1October 24thOctober 24thYesInstrument Management Unit switch on
Phase 2: Heater 1 mode0October 24thOctober 24thYesThermal Control Unit switch on: The temperatures reach the nominal values.
Phase 3: Decontamination27October 25thNovemb 20thYesThe instrument decontamination starts on October 25th. During this phase, heaters are activated in the Cryogenic Unit for warming it at about 20 Celcius in order to avoid water vapor condensation inside the instrument.
About 7 SEU/day are detected by the Management Unit memories. The impacts are concentrated over South Atlantic and over the Poles, as foreseen. Due to the EDAC, the SEU do not affect the Management Unit functionality.
The decontamination ends on 20 of November.
Phase 4: Cooling down2Novemb 20thNovemb 21thYesThe decontamination heaters being switch off, the Cryogenic Unit cools down to - 180 Celsius.
Phase 5: Interferometer mecanisms unlocking2Novemb 22thNovemb 23thYesThe heaters of the locking device cartridges have been activated for unlocking the cube corner mecanism and the dynamic compensation mecanism.
Phase 6: Heater 2 mode3Novemb 24thNovemb 26thYesAll parameters are nominal.
Phase 7: Initial set up3Novemb 27thNovemb 29thYesFor the first time, IASI is running in Normal Operational mode. The Digital Processing Subsystem is not yet activated. The first interferograms are down loaded to the Technical Expertise Center for analysing.
Phase 8: Operational parameters uploaded5Novemb 30thDecember 4thYesThe Digital Processing Subsystem (DPS) parameters are issued by the Technical Expertise Center and uploaded to the instrument. The DPS is activated. The first spectra processed in board the instrument are received at the Technical Expertise Center in Toulouse. All the instrument units are working properly. The first performance analysis are promising.
Phase 9: External calibration mode1Decemb 4thDecemb 4thYesExternal calibration mode is switch on. Analysis show that the radiometric performance of IASI is a little bit better than the performance measured during instrument ground testing.
Phase 10: Routine mode8Decemb 4thDecemb 12thYesOperatioal mode is activated again.
Phase 11: Heater 1 mode0Decemb 12thDecemb 12thYesTransition mode for going to decontamination
Phase 12: Decontamination6decemb 12thdecemb 18thYesThe decontamination mode is activated for the second time for a short duration.
Phase 13: Unlocking of the three feet   NoThe necessity of unlocking the feet being not demonstrated at present time, this operation is postponed of about 3 months.
Software patch uploading2Decemb 18thDecemb 19thYesPatchs are uploaded for improving the DPS functionality and algorithms.
Phase 14: Routine mode20Decemb 20thJanuary 8thYesIASI is running in operational mode until the end of the functional commissioning.
End of the in orbit functional validation  January 8thYesVery successful functional commissioning