July 6, 2016

Ground Segment

The IASI system is part of Eumetsat Polar System (EPS).
The ground segment, partly integrated in the EPS ground segment, partly realized in the form of a separate Technical Expertise Centre (TEC), can be subdivided in three entities:

  • The IASI command and control, which is fully integrated in the EPS ground segment; they classically allow to send instrument telecommands and to monitor instrument housekeeping telemetry.
  • The Operational Software, mainly in charge of processing scientific data up to level 1C; this software is integrated and operated within EPS ground segment.
  • The Technical Expertise Center, in charge of performance monitoring on the whole IASI system, of modifying the data processing parameters when necessary, and of trouble-shooting in case of system performance anomalies. The TEC is operated by CNES in the Toulouse Space Center.

The communication between all the elements of the IASI system is ensured through EPS system facilities. In the same way, the dissemination of Level 1 products to the users and the archive function are ensured by EPS system.

The IASI Level 2 products (temperature profiles, etc.) are elaborated within the EPS ground segment, under EUMETSAT responsibility.