March 23, 2015


IASI Products

IASI products are classified according to CEOS list.

Level 0 :Raw IASI measurement data, after on-ground demultiplexing ; level 0 includes pre-calibrated spectra, the corresponding non calibrated images, calibration images, verification data and auxiliary data necessary for further processing.
Level 1a :Non apodised calibrated spectra and corresponding images ; this step of processing comprises data decoding, radiometric post-calibration, spectral calibration, IASI/AVHRR coregistration via IASI images, geolocation and dating.
Level 1b :Level 1a resampled.
Level 1c :Level 1b apodised to obtain a nominal Instrument Spectral Response Function ; this level includes also an analysis of the AVHRR radiances over the IASI pixels.
Level 2a :Geophysical products derived from IASI in a self-standing mode (profiles of temperature, humidity, surface temperature, trace gas distribution, cloud parameters, etc.). Level 2a data may exist as interim geophysical products during the commissioning and pre-operational IASI mission phases and as geophysical products after upgrading of the processing software at the end of the pre-operational phase. Some of them might be merged into a more limited number of geophysical product records depending on the processing architecture and needs of users.
Level 2b :Geophysical products derived after co-processing of data from IASI and the METOP meteorological instruments. These products may be similar to level 2a products but with higher accuracy, resolution and/or extracted over a wider range of cloudiness.
Level 3 :Gridded and time-averaged geophysical products derived from level 2b products possibly in combination with information obtained from sources other than EPS system.
Level 4 :Multisensor geophysical products for instance as results of assimilation in meteorological or chemical transport models.

EPS Products

Hereafter are described EUMETSAT Polar System products and instruments for their derivation in stand-alone or synergetic modes.

temperature profileXXX
relative humidity profilesXXX
cloud coverXXXX
cloud liquid water contentX
cloud top temperatureXXXX
cloud characterisationXXXX
total precipitable waterXXX
precipitation indexX
sea surface temperatureXXX
land surface temperatureXX
ozone total columnXX
ozone profilesX
trace gas total columnX
aerosol amountXX
air mass determinationXXX
vegetation indexX
sea iceX
snow detectionXXXX
surface albedoX
outgoing long-wave radiationXXX
planetary albedoX
downward long-wave fluxXX
clear sky fluxXXX
air/sea heat fluxXXX
cooling rate profilesXXX